Quality Control

A private consultant provides quality control and oversees our in-house programs. Our sites are routinely inspected by our area managers and supervisors by company mandate. Another important part our quality control program is customer feedback, which is encouraged and recorded. We are committed to making customer satisfaction our top priority, which has resulted in our rapid growth. Results of a recent customer survey reveal a high level of satisfaction in both work performance and customer relations.

One of the reasons Animal Damage Management constantly sets the benchmarks in the pest control industry is the amount of training our technicians receive before they are allowed to apply any pesticides or be out on their own. Animal Damage Management typically doubles or triples the industrial standards in order to ensure that the client is getting the best possible technician. During the training programs each employee is trained in all aspects of a solid integrated pest management program. From pest identifications to tackling the issue from multiple angles you will receive the very best that the pest control field has to offer. On top of our initial training program each technician receives yearly training in house from our PCAs and Operators. Each month every office goes through any changes that are taking place in the pest control world and updates our treatment methods to provide the best possible service to our clients.