Complete Integrated Pest Management For Your Schools That Fully Complies With The Healthy Schools Act

It is the goal of Animal Damage Management to implement proper IPM in schools by focusing on long-term prevention. We accomplish this with accurate pest identification, by frequent monitoring for pest activity, and by applying appropriate action levels to control pests. We will help the district with recommendations to help make the habitat less conductive to pests using cultural, mechanical and physical controls. If pesticides are used we will always do so in a manner that minimizes risks to people, pets, property, and work environment.  Our pest management objective is to help all districts that we work with to protect the health and safety of the students and staff while also maintaining the integrity of school’s buildings and grounds.

Our School Pest Control Service

Animal Damage Management ensures that your school sites will always treated with the uttermost care to the students and staff. We always try to engage in limited contact activities by treating the sites after or before school hours or by conducting treatments on the weekends. All our technicians and managers are certified by the Department of Pesticide Regulation for “IPM in Schools” and are re-certified annually or bi-annually as required by DPR. We follow the requirements of the Healthy Schools Act about notification, posting, record-keeping and all other requirements for a pest control business. We work directly with the designated IPM Coordinator, and other school staff as needed to keep the lines of communication open. We have an in-house Pest Control Advisor to make any recommendations that are necessary. We look forward to creating a customized approach to take care of your unique pest control needs.